"I highly recommend going to Pura Vida Salt Therapy. The service is amazing and kind. After one session I was feeling much more energetic. They followed all covid guidelines and everything was very clean."~ Kaytlin H.

Pura Vida Salt Therapy COVID-19 Safety Precautions

  • To ensure your safety and safety of our staff, Pura Vida Salt Therapy is open by appointment only. No walk-ins.

  • Our front desk will communicate with you prior to your appointment to ask Covid-19 screening questions.  You will be asked those same questions again when you arrive for your appointment.

  • We will not schedule and/or service any clients who exhibit signs of active illness, including; fever, sore throat or any respiratory related issues.

  • No staff member will be allowed to come to work if they exhibit any of the above symptoms

  • We will provide hand sanitizer that we will ask you to use prior to enter the salt room. In addition, you will find multiple sanitation stations within our facility to use as needed.

  • To reduce waiting times for you and to reduce the number of clients in the reception area at any one time, we will allow greater time in between clients. We will allow for downtime in between clients so rooms can be properly sanitized with UV sanitation lighting, air filtered and wiped with medical grade sanitation wipes.

  • We ask that you wear a mask when waiting in the “open public areas” such as the waiting room.

  • You will no longer offer magazines, coffee, and/or snacks, as these items an easily become contaminated and are difficult to clean and disinfect.

  • All Pura Vida Salt Therapy employees will be wearing masks at all times

  • Pura Vida Salt Therapy will be open by appointment only. Our doors will be locked to the general public. If you need to buy a product or gift certificate you may use our website store or you may schedule an appointment for pick up. We will not be accepting walk-ins. We ask that you arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and let us know if you are running late. We will not allow any people inside our facility that are not receiving a service. The only exception would be in case of the minor.

  • Our salt room will be available only to service 6 clients in the large salt room and 2 clients in the small at one time. We will make an exception for families from the same household but the maximum number cannot exceed 6 and 2.

  • We will not allow visits to our salt room if you show any respiratory related symptoms with fever. We will not allow visits to our salt room for anyone with compromised immune system and/or any underlying conditions.

  • Upon entering the facility clients and staff will be provided with a hand sanitizer and have their temperature taken with infrared touch free forehead thermometer. We will also have an aerosol sanitizer to use on the bottom of your shoes that we will ask you to use to reduce any chance of carrying germs from the sidewalks and parking lot.

  • Our staff will wear protective gear and constantly sterilize all surfaces clients or staff come in contact with.

  • Our HEPA and UV air filtration units will be running full time alongside the clients which constantly filters any particles.

   Thank you for your attention and  cooperation to the Covid-19 pandemic.     Pura Vida! Pure Life!